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The Honiton Pantomime Society’s 31st production took place at a new venue for the first time ever this year in a landmark year for the society. Started by the (then mayor) Pat Allen in 1985, the society has performed for 30 years at Honiton Community College and recently won an award for their stage decor having been nominated for three NODA awards for last year’s Pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘.

This year’s pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was described by many as the Society’s best yet and played to packed houses in The Beehive over February half term where audiences of all ages enjoyed the show. Sleeping Beauty played to a very high over 90% audience level a 20% increase on last year’s figures.

Using a script by Ben Crocker a former artistic director of the Northcott Theatre in Exeter for the first time this year, the witty story was full of modern Pantomime gags and routines which left audiences in stitches. The Pantomime’s director Alex Jackson is the Society’s youngest ever and also directed last year’s award winning show. Alex commented:

I am so proud of everyone involved in this year’s production, the planning and preparation has taken a lot longer than it usually would and has called on skills and experience of people from all background including volunteers at The Beehive and professional stage companies who advised on the construction of a full proscenium arch stage in The Beehive. I’d like to thank everyone for their commitment and dedication to the show and for the opportunity to perform at a venue which is the envy of other towns.


In the production the audience enjoyed all the usual Pantomime ingredients; laughter, audience participation and plenty of colourful costumes and set. Featuring popular songs from the likes of ‘Frozen’ and ‘Tangled’ and all the best Pantomime characters.

When King Bertie and Queen Dottie held a christening party for the royal Princess Aurora, they could never have imagined that the evil fairy Carabosse would crash the party and curse their beautiful baby daughter.

Did the Royal Family, their Butler Silly Billy and palace cat Kitty make it through the show or did the mischievous Carabosse and her sidekick Spindleshanks win the day? In a story that spanned 118 years, the timeless tale featured everything from epic magical battles to a piano-playing Dame.

On leaving the auditorium, audiences were asked to write comments or post them online about their thoughts on the show, a selection of these are below:

What a brilliant show, saw it twice.


 I have been to the theatre many times but in all honesty your pantomime not only compared with but surpassed some of the professional ones I had seen.


 It was a pleasure visiting The Beehive, everybody so friendly and courteous.


 If there were tickets left, I’d snap them up, but they’re all sold out.


 Fabulous, feel good, I’m still laughing


 Lots of laughs and fun for both adults and kids, will definitely be getting tickets for the next one


 Better than the last West End show I saw



About Alex Jackson

Alex is a committee member of the Honiton Pantomime Society and has directed 3 productions for them. He is involved mainly in the planning of future performances and the society's online presence.
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