NODA report for ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ recieved


Once again our NODA rep Janet Elworthy kindly visited our production and wrote a review following her visit. The review was recieved recently and is comprised as follows;

Thank you for inviting me to your production, we thought it was excellent. Congratulations on successfully sorting the acoustics, what a difference it made, beautifully balanced with no feedback and a lovely balanced overall sound. This fully complemented the musical contribution which was strong and tight with gorgeous harmonies, I was most impressed.


The confidence your youngsters demonstrated is to be commended, delivering colourful dialogue, they held audience focus as they moved through imaginative staging, making full use of their space, creating enhancing visual fields.


All characters were dressed beautifully with excellent makeup, leaving us in no doubt of who they were, no ‘prima-donnas’ or weak links just team players, exactly as it should be.


Of course your piece de resistance (Aslan), he was fabulous! Congratulations on his conception, the builders and operators, a pure work of art. Well done all.


We’d like to thank Janet and NODA once again for the support and advice they continue to give with regards to all aspects of the production. To find out more about the role that NODA plays across the country click here.

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