The End of the Pier Show IV

Our fourth ‘End of the Pier Show’ was once again a huge success and featured hilarious sketches, top show tunes, dramatic readings and a delicious ploughman’s supper to accompany the evening. All in all, another great night from the Honiton Pantomime Society.

The Company

Jenny Allen, Lynda Bearne, Lydia Bacon, Shaun Bonetta, Tracey Bonetta, Sandra Bryant, Lisa Campbell, Sally Cregan, Jaime Crudge, Hannah Ferry, Rob Grove, Vicky Halse, Jerry Holt, Jenny Holt, Margaret Jarman, Val Lloyd, Richard Maddox, Sam Maddox, Emily Miller,Sam Page, Dave Pickerell, Mally Pickerell, Max Pipe, Andy Pottinger, Chloe Pottinger, Lou Pottinger. Sarah Pottinger, Adam Smith Jones, Barry Simmonds, Barbara Simmonds. Beth Sillitoe, Paul Titmus.

Act 1
What women do best.
Val Lloyd, Rob Grove, Jerry Holt

Sea Shanties
The Company

Elf’n safety gone mad
Max Pipe, Rob Grove

Poem about Nelson

Dave Prickerell

Holding out for a hero
Jaime Crudge, Vicky Halse

Tap Dance
Lydia Bacon

Darts match
Jerry Holt, Richard Maddox, Adam S Jones

My heart will go on
Chloe Pottinger

Sleeping Beauty
Richard Maddox, Shaun Bonetta, Dave Pikerells,
Paul Titmus, Barry Simmonds

Another one bites the dust
Beth Sillitoe, Sarah Pottinger, Chloe Pottinger

Fashion Parade
Max Pipe, Sandra Bryant, Lisa Campbell, Val Lloyd, Margaret Jarman,
Mally Pickerell, Jenny Holt, Sam Maddox

Take me back to Manhattan
Lou Pottinger, Sarah Pottinger, Chloe Pottinger
Beth Sillitoe, Hannah Ferry

Standing on the corner
Rob Grove, Jerry Holt, Dav Pickerell, Shaun Bonetta and all female cast

Don’t sit under the apple tree
Sally Cregan, Vicky Halse, Beth Sillitoe

Hole in my bucket
Jenny Allen, Dave Pickerel, Mally Pickerell, Jenny Holt

Sunset Boulevard
Adam S Jones

Tracey Bonetta, Jaime Crudge,Sam Maddox, Beth Sillitoe,
Sarah Pottinger, Chloe Pottinger, Vicky Halse, Lou Pottinger

Cat Duet
Sally Cregan, Emily Miller

There’s a one eyed yellow idol
Tracey Bonetta, Vicky Halse

Dave Pikerel, Richard Maddox, Lisa Campbell and customers

Me missus bought me a paperback
Max Pipe

Men at work
The Bonettingers

The lion sleeps tonight
The Luppitt Monks

Old time music hall
The whole company

About Alex Jackson

Alex is a committee member of the Honiton Pantomime Society and has directed 3 productions for them. He is involved mainly in the planning of future performances and the society's online presence.
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